About Royle Media

Royle Media is a full service digital agency headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The company specializes in website design, social media, online advertising and search engine marketing for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as and non-profits.

Royle Media (formally Pin Point Marketing) was headquartered in both Seattle and Bellingham, WA from 1998 – 2006, providing a similar assortment of digital marketing and advertising services. In November 2012, the company was restarted in Portland.

Local Talent Working for You

  • Heather English: Social Media and Digital Advertising
  • Joshua Patterson: Website Development and SEO
  • Carol Atkinson: Bookkeeper and Office Manager
  • Natalya Johnson: Social Media and Website Content
  • Royle Johnson: Sales and Management
  • Leann Warren: Website and Advertising Design

All Royle Media staff and contractors live and work in Oregon and Washington State. Meeting personally with our clients and teammates improves communication and the creative process. When brainstorming creative concepts and reviewing designs, doing so in person is always helpful and more efficient.

Many website developers and marketing companies outsource to Vietnam, Philippines and India. Do you really want your proprietary information sent overseas where security is an issue? If off-shoring saves so much money, is the savings passed on to the client? Usually not!

One of the company’s core values is buying local and keeping Northwest talent working. We jokingly outsource to Bellingham and Medford!

Agency Relationships and Collaborations

A large portion of Royle Media’s business comes from other advertising agencies. Some of our work is white-labeled and incorporated into larger advertising projects. Several partner agencies are transparent about our vendor relationships. Royle Media is a known subcontractor working collaboratively with the partner agency and the client.

One example is the Oregon State Fair where Royle Media is a subcontractor for the primary advertising and marketing agency, Trooper LLC. Royle Media handles the digital initiatives for Trooper while three other partner companies manage the traditional media buying (Run Spot Run), public relations (Gratia) and television commercial production (Mark Bowen). The five companies work together under the direction of Trooper and have contributed to three years of strong growth for the Oregon State Fair.

Royle Johnson