Royle Media Advertising Approach

Digital advertising is increasingly complex. The technology and tools are ever-changing. Successful programs require testing, tracking results, and refining campaigns to improve performance. Our advertising funnel shows the sales journey and the advertising stack is the platforms we place ads on.

Advertising Funnel

Branding & Awareness

Display Banner Ads,
Video & Audio Ads

Keyword Ads

Paid Search, Search Retargeting,
Contextual Ads

Landing Pages

Simple Design, Call to Action,
Conversion Tracking


Display Banners,
Video & Social Ads

Advertising Stack

Branding & Awareness

Geo-Fencing & Conquesting, CTV/OTT Video,
Social Ads, Native Content 

Keyword Ads

Paid Search (Google, Bing, Yelp),
Search Retargeting / Contextual

Landing Pages, WordPress, Google Analytics,
Call Tracking Metrics


Programmatic Display, Facebook/Instagram,
YouTube, LinkedIn Ads

On Every Platform

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