Mobile Marketing: Don’t Get Left in the Digital Dust

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In October 2016, web browsing on mobile devices overtook desktop browsing for the first time. With this rise of mobile web surfing, it is more important than ever that your website is optimized for mobile viewing. Right now, mobile sites are lagging behind desktop sites in many key metrics, including average time on site, pages per visit, and bounce rate. Driving conversions on a mobile site is done differently than on a desktop or tablet […]

Advertising in Radio: Internet vs Traditional Platforms

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With the rise of internet radio services, advertisers are being given another way to reach possible customers, one that directly rivals traditional radio advertising. As a traditional form of media far predating the internet, radio has been an outlet used by advertisers for decades and generates billions in ad revenue a year. However, in the last couple of decades as the internet has advanced, there has been a shift in the way advertisers approach customers […]

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads: Your Implementation Guide

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On January 31, 2017, Google AdWords will end the creation or editing of standard text ads to fully transition to the new expanded text ad format. To make the transition easier and to help you understand and optimize your expanded text ads, here are some recommendations for creating impactful expanded text ads. How Expanded Texts Ads Are Different To use them most effectively, you have to first understand how expanded text ads work and how […]

Golden Rules: The Backwards Rules of Olympic Marketing

Olympic Rings

Olympics, Team USA, Go for the Gold, Let the Games Begin. Unless you’re an official Olympic sponsor, you can’t say those words on social media or in any form of marketing in the month surrounding the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee and national committees have tight restrictions on who can say what during the games in an effort to protect their intellectual property and their official sponsors. However, this ban on Olympic intellectual property […]

Royle’s Commentary on Radio from 2009 Still Rings True

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In 2009 The Oregonian ran a feature story about Larry Wilson buying radio stations in Portland, OR and starting Alpha Broadcasting. I reposted the article on LinkedIn and Facebook with commentary second-guessing Wilson for not mentioning digital once in the entire article. Bill Ashenden, then general sales manager at Rose City Radio responded, defending his new employer. Our exchange from 2009 is posted below. Ashenden is now the market manager at Bicostal Media in Medford, […]