Golden Rules: The Backwards Rules of Olympic Marketing

Olympic Rings

Olympics, Team USA, Go for the Gold, Let the Games Begin. Unless you’re an official Olympic sponsor, you can’t say those words on social media or in any form of marketing in the month surrounding the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee and national committees have tight restrictions on who can say what during the […]

Royle’s Commentary on Radio from 2009 Still Rings True

digital ads do work

In 2009 The Oregonian ran a feature story about Larry Wilson buying radio stations in Portland, OR and starting Alpha Broadcasting. I reposted the article on LinkedIn and Facebook with commentary second-guessing Wilson for not mentioning digital once in the entire article. Bill Ashenden, then general sales manager at Rose City Radio responded, defending his […]

Advertising Spotlight: Paid Search

When I accepted the position of Director of Advertising it was because I knew that Royle Johnson (President, Royle Media) had a long history of building and maintaining strong client relationships. Paid search is usually one tactic in a client’s overall marketing mix. Frequently paid search campaigns are run in conjunction with display or retargeting […]

The Story Ad-Blocking is Telling Us


The advent of ad-blocking software has caused quite the stir in the advertising community. Being a recent inductee into the marketing and advertising world and a young millennial I decided to take a look into the issue. According to a 2014 study by PageFair, an organization specifically designed to address the issue of ad-blocking, ad-blocking […]

How to Customize the Default Search Form in WordPress


A client whose site we recently rebuilt on WordPress came up with an unusual request: they asked two search forms on each page–one searching the site, the other a catalog on another site. Fortunately, the Avada theme we used allows you to have a search form in both the header and the footer, so taking […]