Digital Media Buying

The dynamics behind digital media buying are similar to traditional media. Successful advertisers target the right audience, have consistent messaging, invest in creative, measure reach and frequency and carefully analyze buys after the flights end.  The digital advertising tools and tactics are different, but the dynamics are the same. Royle started buying digital media in 1998. Experience counts.

Successful digital advertising campaigns require testing multiple tactics and channels including:

Keyword Advertising

Google Ads have monopolized paid search for two decades and remain Royle’s primary pay-per-click advertising platform. Search retargeting through targets the same searchers, but with display banner ads. For locally focused clients, Yelp pay-per-click advertising is normally less expensive than Google Ads.

Programmatic Networks

Display banner and video advertising campaigns run on popular websites and mobile application. Distribution is device specific; desktops, tablets and mobile phones can be selected. Addressable geo-fencing targets specific homes and businesses using third-party data including geography, demographics, psychographics and purchasing behaviors. Royle Media is a partner, allowing us to directly work in the programmatic platform, setting up and managing campaigns our own campaigns.

Social Media Ads

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads create engagement, build loyalty, promote events (online and in-person) and drive ecommerce traffic. The media costs are affordable and the visual ad units are excellent for branding. LinkedIn ads are used to promote business to business clients. 


Streaming ads that target “cord-cutters” are rapidly replacing traditional television spots. Consumer are cancelling their expensive cable TV packages and are accessing video content, mostly movies and shows, through streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast. Ads run on popular applications (networks) including Hulu, Sling, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime. Netflix ad inventory if not available…yet!

Audio Streaming

Spotify, Pandora and SoundCloud allow Royle’s media buyers to place audio ads on music and podcasting platforms. These audio ads are effective for branding and story-telling, and usually include a call to action. Our extensive experience working in radio makes us uniquely qualified to fun streaming radio campaigns.

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Digital Media Buying

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