Your signature to the Credit Card Authorization form provided by Royle Media for your file binds you to our credit card processing agreement as presented below.

Payment for Services—Royle Media requires payment in full at the time services are ordered, unless otherwise assigned payment . Further, Royle Media requires that you provide a credit card authorization with your initial order. For your convenience, we will use the provided authorization to charge your account for services, which may include labor and services, not covered by your initial payment, including but not limited to any shipping charges.

Method of Payment— Royle Media accepts MasterCard, VISA & American Express, Check or bank transfers. Purchase Orders are not considered payment. All payments must be made in US Funds drawn on a U.S.

Bank Chargebacks – there will be a $45.00 fee on all chargebacks that are made by the client unless they have contacted Royle Media first to inquire

Declined Credit Cards – if a credit card supplied is declined we will need to have another card on file. If you prefer us to try and reuse the card supplied there is a charge of $25 for each time it is run and not approved.

Insufficient Funds – there will be a $45.00 fee on all returned checks

Wire Transfer— Please contact our office for wire transfer information A $25.00 Fee will be applied to all Wire Transfers

*Third Party Billing—Each exhibiting firm is ultimately responsible for all charges incurred on its behalf. Royle Media reserves the right to institute collection action against the exhibitor if the authorized third party does not pay. See Third Party Billing Request form.

Tax Exempt—If you are tax exempt in the state in which you will be exhibiting, you must provide a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for that state. Please send the above information with your orders for the show. Royle Media must receive your certificate with your order, otherwise tax will appear on your invoice.