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Google Partner
Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising tactic that targets prospects through keyword searches. This is sometimes referred to Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Royle Media uses the Google Ads platform in conjunction with Google Analytics to track client leads and help determine return on investment for ad campaigns and individual keywords, continually managing campaigns to increase conversions and lower costs.

As a Simpli.fi partner, Royle Media has full access to the management portal and API to upload and finesse programmatic digital display ad campaigns for our clients in real time. Depending on our client's goals, Royle Media uses any number of sophisticated targeting techniques, like OTT/CTV, Geo-Fencing, Search Retargeting, Website Retargeting, or Contextual Targeting.

LinkedIn Marketing Partner
LinkedIn advertising is best suited for business-to-business prospecting to create awareness and excitement. Prospects can be targeted with ads in several ways, like Job Title, Company, Education, Interests, or Demographics. Depending on our client's goals, Royle Media utilizes Sponsored Content, Display Ads, and Sponsored In-Mail ad units on LinkedIn.
Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is a cost-effective way to introduce yourself to new retail customers. Facebook and Instagram ads are highly targeted, actionable and measurable. With a lower cost-per-click than other forms of online advertising, Royle Media often recommends Facebook and Instagram for lifestyle brands, events, food and beverage, and services.
Facebook Marketing Partner
Yelp Advertising Partner

Did you know 97% of Yelp visitors make a purchase after visiting Yelp?* Yelp is often the last website consumers visit before making a purchase, so Royle Media loves taking advantage of this highly-engaged, intent-based traffic to create meaningful conversions for our retail and service clients.

*6/19 survey by SurveyMonkey of people who reported having used Yelp in the prior 3 months

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