Port Orford Sustainable Seafood

Royle Media built this custom website for Port Orford Sustainable Seafood, using design elements that were consistent with the company’s branding. Fishing hooks, ropery, anchors and compasses are scattered throughout the website. Artistic video captured on site by Royle Media brings texture and dimension to the website and fosters a connection between the Port Orford fishing families and website visitors.

Not only is this site beautiful, it is also a functional e-commerce website. The Community Supported Fishery (CSF) model is based off the growing CSA movement, bringing local produce directly from the farm to your table. Port Orford’s CSF brings sustainably caught seafood straight to your table with deliveries to 12 communities in Western Oregon.

Other features of this website include educational resources about the types of seafood Port Orford offers as well as a catalog of recipes and a guide to handling and thawing seafood for optimal preparation.

Visit: posustainableseafood.com