Tom’s Pancake House Brings Home the Bacon with Email Marketing

When Tom's Pancake House was forced to stop offering sit-down table service at their restaurant due to Covid-19 restrictions, they knew they needed to quickly tell their most loyal customers how they would change their business to continue serving them. With the e-mail opt-ins Tom's already had, Royle Media quickly set up a free Mailchimp account for Tom's and then designed an e-mail blast to tell these patrons how they could continue receiving delicious food from Tom's.

With a 37.5% open rate and 513 unique opens, the e-mail successfully advertised Tom's new curbside pick-up and to-go order options, and was so well-received that Tom's implemented two more e-mails to stimulate breakfast orders and promote time-sensitive Easter specials. Each e-mail blast performed well and led to orders!

  • 37.5% open rate - 513 unique opens - 1,182 total opens
  • 32.9% open rate - 448 unique opens - 1,027 total opens
  • 25.8% open rate - 346 unique opens - 600 total opens

If you need to communicate how your business has adapted to serve your customers during Covid-19, fill out the form below and get in touch. We'd love to help you reach your target audience!

This e-mail blast for Tom's Pancake house achieved a 37.5% open rate with 513 unique opens!

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