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When writing digital media plans for clients, Royle Media takes many factors into consideration.

Goals and Objectives

The first step in writing a marketing plan or media strategy is to fully understand the client’s needs and to define goals and objectives clearly. Is branding important for the client? Maybe the businesses’ biggest need is finding new employees as the job market tightens.  For most Royle Media clients, lead generation is most important.


Most businesses have both primary and secondary market segments, each requiring different media strategies. Clearly defining the audiences is one of the first steps in writing an effective strategy.


Many companies struggle to maintain consistent branding and identity when it comes to the internet. Social media messaging does not always include logos and graphics, but the conversations and text needs to remain on point.

Search Engine Traffic

Which keywords are driving traffic to the client and competitor websites? Are there inexpensive opportunities within paid and organic search?  Understanding search volume is an important aspect of writing marketing plans or media strategies.

Traditional Media

Most internet marketers totally discount the power of print, television, radio and outdoor. This is a mistake. Outdoor advertising is as relevant as ever. For many audiences, radio and television makes lots of sense. Advertising on media websites is an easy way to reduce reach (number of users) and have strong frequency (impressions per user), particularly if they have on-air schedules running.


Using several stealth tools, much can be learned about the competition. Which websites link to them? What keywords are driving their traffic? Are there areas where the competition is weak that the client should concentrate on?

Marketing Plans & Strategy
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