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At Royle Media, social media sites are platforms for running display and video ads and promoting unique content. Social ads are excellent for creating brand awareness and are less effective with ecommerce and lead generation. People do not use social media apps to find new products or make purchases.

Facebook and Instagram

The advertising platform is a behemoth in terms of market share. With ads focused on images and videos, both apps are perfect for branding objectives. The costs per impression are affordable for small businesses and targeting is robust. For event advertising, Facebook is a must.

The digital advertising ecosystem has not been kind to Facebook lately. Apple’s restrictions on in-app advertising are damaging Facebook’s ability to collect audiences. Chrome’s elimination of third-party cookies also inhibits their targeting capabilities.


LinkedIn is one of our favorite social sites for B2B advertising. With both display and messaging options, LinkedIn works well to promote business products or services. Targeting decision-makers by company or job title is LinkedIn’s unique value proposition. Like most B2B advertising, the advertising costs can be expensive.

Executive recruiting is another area where LinkedIn is successful. The company has advertising programs specifically for posting jobs. Every company and business profession should have current LinkedIn profiles.

Twitter, SnapChat and TikTok

Royle Media rarely uses these three social media advertising platforms. Like billboards, these ads are good for quick branding messages. There is no storytelling here, which is an important piece of branding campaigns. People do not research products or have intent to purchase when using Twitter, SnapChat and TikTok. These apps are for entertainment and messaging.

For advertisers targeting younger people or selling consumer goods, all three platforms are effective. Event promotion is another area where these ads are successful. The costs are reasonable if the audience matches the client’s targeting.

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