Honey Baked Ham moved all service to take-out and delivery due to Covid-19 restrictions, but still wanted to make Easter a special occasion with their delicious ham. We used geotargeting to serve programmatic digital display ads to customers in close proximity to their stores in Southwest Portland, Beaverton, and Oregon City.

Geofence of 5 mile radius of Beaverton Honey Baked Ham where ads were served:

Geoconversion border directly outside Beaverton Honey Baked Ham measuring those who saw the ads and then walked into the store:

Campaign Results

  • 233,128 impressions
  • 0.192% click thru rate
  • 447 clicks
  • 76 store visits

Hams start at $54.95, so we're pleased to have driven so much traffic to their store in such a cost-effective way.

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