Oregon State Fair Wins IAFE Awards

Royle Media congratulates our client the Oregon State Fair for taking home three awards at the International Fairs & Expositions 2021 Hall of Honor Communications!

The Digital Ads and Social Media awards reflect Royle Media’s excellence: we proudly developed all strategies for digital ads and social media and built the winning presentations, as well.

  • 1st Place, Digital Ads

  • 1st Place, Social Media

  • 3rd Place, Radio

Digital Ads: Save The Date

COVID-19 posed a challenge to the traditional promotional flight of the Oregon State Fair. Tickets could not go on sale until the state reopened on a date TBD, but in years past tickets had often gone on sale for Memorial Day Weekend.

To stay top of mind with fans, the Oregon State Fair ran a digital “Save the Date!” campaign during Memorial Day Weekend, using display, Facebook and Instagram ads to achieve three goals:

    • Communicate the 2021 Oregon State Fair dates
    • Assure fans that the Fair was happening
    • Drive e-mail subscriptions to be the first to know when the Oregon State Fair had more to report

With minimal digital investment, the Oregon State Fair garnered…

    • 215,282 display impressions
    • 177,600 organic social media impressions
    • 15,300 organic social media reactions
    • 236,391 paid social media impressions
    • 17,119 clicks overall
    • 3,108 new email subscribers

Social Media

Daily Schedules and Welcome to the Fair Mobile Website

Oregon State Fair social media channels posted Daily Schedules and Maps each day to proactively share frequently requested information materials. Daily Schedules posts were viewed by more than 142,000 social media accounts.

To further offer frequently requested information, Oregon State Fair developed a mobile-only website: welcometothefair.org. A QR code was posted throughout the grounds so fairgoers could easily visit the site to find Daily Schedules, Maps, Frequently Asked Questions, COVID-19 safety protocols, and more!

It was designed for ease of use on mobile phones and received 55,302 pageviews during the Fair in its first year of operation!



Oregon State Fair social media channels took care to portray the wide variety of attractions available to fairgoers, from animals and artwork to concerts and corndogs. In just 11 days, branding posts reached more than 315,000 social media accounts!


Crisis Management

Outdoor COVID-19 mask guidance was issued for the state of Oregon on Tuesday August 24th, three days before the Oregon State Fair began, so Royle Media quickly posted the new policy on all OSF social media channels to thoroughly communicate with guests.

Between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the mask policy was viewed by 156,000 social media accounts.



The Oregon State Fair utilized premium contesting to increase social media fan followings for the Fair and its partners, and boost sponsorship revenue. Just three specialty contests earned…

4,165 entries
2,019 fans for Oregon State Fair social media channels
1,302 fans for partners’ social media channels


Oregon State Fair

Royle Media designs and builds the entire Oregon State Fair website using WordPress and third-party plug-ins. Every year as branding for the Fair changes, Royle Media updates the website with new visuals, text copy and events.

Royle Media also manages all the social media and internet advertising campaigns for the Fair, creating digital media advertisements that run on Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, and other programmatic display networks.

The Fair’s social media channels are also updated to reflect the current year’s branding and content is created throughout the Fair season to promote the event.

Royle Media’s social media specialist is also on-grounds the entire length of the Fair updating social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

In addition to these other services, Royle Media also produces a series of HTML newsletters to communicate with the State Fair’s 40,000+ subscribers. Text message campaigns are also included in the digital marketing mix.

Visit: oregonstatefair.org

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