The Oregon State Fair

Royle Media, working as a contractor for creative agency Trooper LLC, designed and built the entire Oregon State Fair website using WordPress and third-party plug-ins. Every year as branding for the Fair changes, Royle Media updates the website with new visuals, text copy and events.

Royle Media also manages all the social media and internet advertising campaigns for the Fair, creating digital media advertisements that run on Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, and other programmatic display networks.

The Fair’s social media channels are also updated to reflect the current year’s branding and content is created throughout the Fair season to promote the event. Royle Media’s social media specialist is also on-grounds the entire length of the Fair updating social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

In addition to these other services, Royle Media also produces a series of HTML newsletters to communicate the State Fairs 25,000+ subscribers. Text message campaigns are also included in the digital marketing mix.