The Portland International Auto Show is Oregon's largest indoor event, and Royle Media was pleased to continue offering full-service marketing in support of the 113th Annual Portland International Auto Show, February 2-5, 2023 at the Oregon Convention Center!

Royle Media first began redesigning in 2021 with brighter imagery and a friendlier user experience. Efforts then moved to creative development for ad units airing on every channel, including traditional media like TV and Radio as well as digital banner ads and social media on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In 2023, we took on their 120-page Buyer's Guide as well, adding Print Design to our growing scope of work:

Creative Development

    • Commercial Production
      • Audio Production
        • Voice-over Selection
        • Sonic Branding Production
        • Script Development
      • TV Production
        • Voice-over Selection
        • Sonic Branding Production
        • Script Development
    • Graphic Design
      • Website
      • Social Media Imagery
      • Banner Ads
    • Print Magazine (Buyer's Guide)
      • Design
      • Composition
      • Proofreading

Website Development

    • Design
    • Hosting
    • Google Analytics
    • E-commerce Conversion Tracking
    • Searchable Car Shopping Tool

Digital Media Buying

    • Display Advertising
        • Addressable Geo-fencing
        • Website Retargeting
    • Social Media Advertising
        • Facebook
        • Instagram
        • YouTube / Google Ads

Event Promotion

    • Traditional Media Relations
        • Ad Delivery to All Traditional Media Outlets
        • Traffic Instructions
        • Continuity
    • Organic Social Media
        • Facebook
        • Instagram
        • Twitter

Key Results

5 million impressions across digital banner ads, pre-roll video, OTT/CTV video, and social media!


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