3 Books Every Marketer Should Read

The past couple years have left us with a lot of down time to get back into reading. Maybe you’re still busy trying to get back into working out from home or spending too much money on that hobby equipment that you’ll never use. Regardless, if you’re still looking for some books to add to your list, these recommendations are great for marketing professionals, business students, or those looking to get a better grip on the complexities of relationship building in today’s world.

First up is a look into the mind of entrepreneurial superstar, Seth Godin. This is Marketing walks you through reframing the presentation of whatever product or service that you’re selling. Godin uses lists, charts, and real-world examples to help you rethink the way you market. All of this is broken up into small, easy to digest chapters. Godin’s phrases like “you can’t be seen until you learn to see” and “people like us do things like us” are powerfully sprinkled in throughout the book to keep you inspired.

Buy This is Marketing by Seth Godin

Our second choice on this small list is more of a workbook, the Field Guide to Human Centered Design written by IDEO is full of scenarios and case studies over the course of three phases that will help you and/or your small team work together. IDEO is a non-profit design studio that centers on supporting organizations in finance, healthcare, and environmental factors in underdeveloped areas. Field Guide to Human Centered Design is best used as a tool for projects like a marketing campaign or gaining a new client, but having this knowledge up your sleeve before you start a project is a great place to start!

Buy The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design

Our final choice is a bit dated, but still as relevant as ever. Don’t let the title scare you, it’s not all about mind games. Influence by Robert Cialdini does take a deep dive into the psychology of why people say “yes”, but he does an excellent job of adapting it to how you as a marketer can adjust your strategies to influence that “yes”. The six principles identified in this book may seem like common knowledge to most modern marketers but the meaning and study behind them will make you think differently about how they’re used today.

Buy Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion


Bonus points: Each of these books are available locally and online at Powell’s Books, independently owned right here in Portland! Happy reading!

Written By: Cassedy Biri – Social Media Coordinator at Royle Media

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