Last Thursday our workday involved feats of strength, free cotton candy, a pie-eating contest for the ages, and a particularly friendly llama. We always find our fun when we’re working with the Oregon State Fair! Last week the fair put on their 2nd Annual Flash Fair in Pioneer Courthouse Square, a mini-fair offering a sneak peek of all the fun we’ll see at the fair August 23rd – September 2nd. We were busy implementing digital advertising, social media content, e-mail marketing and community management for the fair that day, but the weather was warm, the breeze was cool, and the event was fun! What a perfect way to get excited for the fair. Check out these photos by Tyler Shipley!

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As always it’s a true team effort with the fair – congratulations to our incredible partners Trooper LLC, Gratia PR, Run Spot Run, and the Oregon State Fair staff. We love being involved in this great event!

Last week we had the pleasure of joining our client, the Ridgefield Raptors, for opening night of their inaugural season! Yes, baseball has arrived in Ridgefield, as the Raptors join the West Coast League collegiate wood-bat baseball league, competing among Pacific Northwest teams like the Portland Pickles, the Cowlitz Black Bears, and the Bend Elks. On Tuesday, June 4th, we hit the Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex along with more than 2,000 fans to root, root, root for the home team as they faced off against the Yakima Valley Pippins.

With sophisticated technology from our programmatic advertising vendor,, we’re able to target potential customer based on geography, online search behavior, and content consumption. We’re even able to prove exactly how many ticket transactions we’ve converted through our digital display ads. Fancy!

Not only is this campaign profitable in terms of ticket sales, but it has also greatly increased brand awareness for the Raptors in their first season, serving more than 500,000 digital impressions to Ridgefield and its surrounding area.


We look forward to rooting for the Raptors all season long – catch a game for yourself sometime!

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(Pictured: Account Manager Katy Moore, Account Manager Anastasia Popova, Digital Media Director Alex Gabriel, and Owner Royle Johnson cheering on the Ridgefield Raptors)

As avid watchers of connected TVs, we’re not at all surprised that they’re growing in popularity. eMarketer expects that more than half of the US population (57.2%) will watch connected TV in 2019, up from 51.7% in 2017. Naturally, this is leading to incredible growth in ad inventory, as both the number of users and the time spent watching continue to climb.

I myself cut the cable cord at least five years ago, and never looked back. Like millions of other Americans, I love the freedom to only subscribe to the TV services I really want, like Hulu and YouTube. The lower cost certainly doesn’t hurt, either! I watch both of these services on both my TV at home and on my mobile while I’m on the go, and I’ve noticed that, for the most part, I see very relevant ads on these services that interest me and very few that have no bearing on my life at all.

As more American households switch to Apple TVs, Amazon Fire sticks, Roku players, Smart TVs or wi-fi connected Blu-ray players, and mobile content consumption rises, the opportunity to advertise on Connected TV becomes more and more necessary. Let us help you reach your audience with rich video content as they binge their favorite shows with this new technology.

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SOURCE: eMarketer: Connected TV Ad Inventory Keeps Growing

Know you need to advertise, but don’t know what to say, or how to show it? It’s always a good time to review Strong Creative Best Practices to help you get the most out of your advertising campaign!

Use keywords in your ad copy: They will help tell the story without lengthy text that can be distracting.

Keep it simple: Busy ads have lower click through rates and brand recall. Avoid wordiness and show or tell the customer what’s in it for them.

Clear call-to-action: Make it short and simple (“BUY NOW,” “SIGN UP” etc.) Putting the call-to- action on a “button” in the banner ad is also helpful because people naturally know to click buttons.

Show off your brand, not just the deal: Banner ads help people with branding recall so even if a customer doesn’t click on a banner ad immediately, they remember your brand when they type it into Google Search or a web browser at a later time.

Integrate the ad with other marketing: Marry traditional and digital media by using similar visuals, fonts and colors that are used in TV spots or billboards. This continues to build brand recognition and credibility.

Entice the customer: Use special offers or discount to catch the user’s attention. Time sensitive specials can add a sense of urgency (“Memorial Day Sale,” “Limited time offer” etc.) and help guide consumers to click the ad and make the purchase sooner.

Keep things fresh: You don’t want users getting bored with and ignoring your ads.

Deliver the goods on the landing page: Banner ads should be linked to a destination page that is exactly what the ad promises (if your call to action is “BUY TICKETS NOW” your landing page should be the ticket buying portal for whatever event you are advertising.) The shorter and easier you can make a customer’s journey from seeing your ad and making a purchase, the better. (Think about Amazon’s “Buy Now” button that requires 2 clicks to make a purchase.)

Don’t underestimate the power of good design: Engaging and provocative design will turn prospects into clients. Use crisp, high-resolution images on uncluttered backgrounds. Images with people using or enjoying your product make the most impact.

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