Pinterest for eCommerce

Getting Pinned is Easy

With much prodding from my teenage daughter, I completed my Christmas wishlist on Pinterest. We enjoyed window shopping together. Our pin boards and shopping sites are very different, which was half the fun.

Gardening is one of my favorite past times, and it’s an easy Pinterest category to complete. is one place to buy bare root roses, and I want new climbers this spring. Next to each product there is a red Pinterest logo (chicklet), and with one press of the button, it is on your board. No cut and paste is required.

To my amazement Home Depot, Cabellas and other enormous shopping sites have not added these simple buttons (and scripts). When I found my fantasy fly rod and reel for catching small mouth bass on the John Day river, there was no Pinterest shortcut, and it was more work to pin them. I only added one pin to this online fishing store.

According to my teen, Jackson and Perkins is a female site, and women love Pinterest, hence the button. Tools and fishing gear apparently are not pin-worthy, and the men who run these sites do not understand Pinterest. Teenagers generally exaggerate, but my daughter is close with this premise.

Free internet promotion is normally time well spent, and I recommend similar content creation and link-sourcing tactics to my clients. Adding Pinterest chicklets (buttons) simplifies the sales cycle, and all e-commerce sites should have them. The SEO value in these links alone justifies the time.

With three women in the house, I’ll be using Pinterest more.

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