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Between Alpha Broadcasting and Entercom Communications I enjoyed six solid years of media. Both companies hired me to develop, integrate and sell internet advertising products. Streaming radio is a pretty incredible advertising medium. When I first looked at internet radio in 2006, I was impressed by the uniqueness of audio advertising, and how inexpensive the impressions were. The costs per thousand were a deal compared to maturing AdWords CPC’s. The record labels had not increased royalties so heavily yet, and Pandora was still a business plan.

The radio business is still fascinating for me. Each day I was amazed how strong the seasoned account executives were; the best sales people I had ever seen. If you need a fearless, thick-skinned sales manager, you can find one in radio. These leaders are creative types, understand meeting budgets and know how to manage demanding clients. The experience for me was invaluable.

Looking back at my career, running my own agency was quite rewarding. Writing marketing plans, working with designers and seeing tangible results is a fun way to make a living. And there are perks (besides the write-offs) of owning your own company. The business has changed dramatically since I left for radio in 2006, but the fundamentals are the same – be organized, provide great customer service and understand your client’s needs. Watch out world, Royle Johnson Integrated Marketing is back.

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