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During our daily team call this morning, the Royle Media staff got to talking about what we’re watching lately. Between Covid-19 and colder weather, we’re all spending more time watching TV than before. But as we compared notes on our favorite YouTube creators and video apps, we realized that none of us still subscribes to traditional cable television. We’re all cord-cutters – better known in our line of work as OTT/CTV consumers.

What is OTT/CTV?

OTT stands for Over The Top, a way of categorizing any channel that delivers streaming content on the internet. CTV is short for Connected TV, any television set that connects to the internet to receive content. Both allow advertisers to utilize all the benefits of high-impact television advertising – telling a compelling story with audio and video – with all the efficient benefits of programmatic advertising – hyper-local geography, specific demographics, and even behavioral targeting.

Our programmatic advertising partner recently reported a 166% year-over-year increase in OTT/CTV advertising spends, with small screen spends on mobile and tablet devices growing 214% year-over-year and large screen connected TVs increase 108% year-over-year. We like to combine both avenues with digital display ads to create high frequency and stay top-of-mind with your target audience.


Our clients really appreciate the precision they can achieve with OTT/CTV ads, serving their commercials to specific consumers most likely to respond to their call-to-action. Perhaps you want to target Men 18-34 in certain zip codes, specifically while they’re watching ESPN content? We can do that. Maybe you’re more interested in any household with a certain income, but only while they’re watching HGTV? We can do that, too. and Royle Media can reach more than 25 million U.S. households that view advertising-supported streaming video on demand with access to the leading marketplaces that cover top content programmers like:

Pluto | Newsy | Discovery | History | HGTV | TLC | A&E | Fox News | CBSi | Univision | Cheddar TV | Buzzfeed | USA Network | Fox News | CNN Go | Xumo | LifeTime | Travel Channel | NBC Today | DailyMotion

If you want to air video advertising but don’t want to pay for an expensive cable advertising package, reach out to us and we can help you affordably reach exactly who needs to see your message! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a long Watch Queue to tend to…

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