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Every marketer worries about spending dollars that don’t return on investment. The fear of wasting ad dollars might be the biggest hurdle standing between you and committing to an ad campaign. But you can’t even see what won’t work unless you spend money, and more importantly, you can’t find your way to what WILL work either.

We love getting specific with our advertising clients to help minimize the chance of any ineffective spend as much as possible. Marketers used to want to cast the widest net possible to increase brand awareness through television, outdoor, and print. But is everyone who drives the same stretch of highway your ideal customer? Is everyone who watches the same TV show going to respond to your message? No, and that’s why targeted digital marketing is so effective.

We can layer an incredible amount of data to develop a tight Venn diagram where we only serve your ad to high-propensity customers. Let’s say you’re a fitness club. Serving ads to everyone within a 15-mile radius might be helpful, but it wouldn’t be as helpful as serving ads ONLY to everyone within a 15-mile radius who has searched for terms like, “treadmill,” “fitness class,” or “exercise program” within the last 30 days, or serving ads only to people within 15-miles who are reading content on fitness websites and blogs.

The best part? It’s actually less expensive to advertise to a more targeted audience because there are fewer people who meet your ideal customer profile than the general population.

As a programmatic advertising partner, here are just a few of the many ways we can target the exact people you want:

– Geography
– Search Behavior
– Contextual Content Consumption
– Household Income
– Gender
– Age
– Device Type

That just scratches the surface, so get in touch if you need to affordably advertise to the customers that will be most meaningful for your business!

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