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Advertising Spotlight: Paid Search

When I accepted the position of Director of Advertising it was because I knew that Royle Johnson (President, Royle Media) had a long history of building and maintaining strong client relationships.

Paid search is usually one tactic in a client’s overall marketing mix. Frequently paid search campaigns are run in conjunction with display or retargeting advertisements, social media advertisements, and some traditional advertising such as print, radio or television.

To discover whether or not paid search is right for you, we discuss your target market(s), prospect audiences by job titles (B2B) and/or demographic information (B2C).

Knowing what drives you and your customers helps us write advertising copy and design display advertisements that will speak to your unique audience. Learning more also helps us make campaign suggestions about delivery, spend and reach.

In many cases, we find that running a small paid search test campaign on is the right way to begin our search advertising engagement. Search advertising is not right for all of our clients, though frequently search advertising has yielded surprisingly good results for B2B clients who were skeptical of the efficacy of search advertising.

We also work to find the right platform for your business. With around 70% of search traffic, Google still dominates the search engine market. Still, many companies connect with clients with older demographics most effectively on Bing and Yahoo.

What else can you expect when you choose Royle Media to be your search advertising partner?

  1. Transparency
    Our policy is to set up 100% of our client accounts with your own master account. With this, you have access to your campaign information. Basic information, such as billing, is easy to find. We also connect your advertising accounts to your Google Analytics account. Both accounts are set up with your credentials, we simply have access to the accounts.
  2. Communication and Reporting
    Communication begins with our first meetings and continues throughout your campaign. We report weekly or monthly depending on our service agreement with you. We answer emails quickly, and while we are available by cell phone nearly any time. We know what it means to run a small business, which is why we are agile. Paid search campaigns are highly measurable, which we convey to you in reporting.
  3. Personal Service
    The team you meet and get to know manages your search advertising work in-house. We do not outsource the management of your paid advertising account.

Lastly- Royle Media operates on a month-to-month contract system. If you choose to leave for any reason all you have to do is give us 30 days’ notice and we will begin the handover process. This is easy because you own all of your accounts. We will also provide your final month of reporting with some campaign recommendations.

It is with great pride that we do the work that we do. Our prices are competitive (20% management fee based off of advertising spend).

In addition to search advertising we offer social media advertising, display advertising, retargeting and search engine optimization services to ensure that your business shows up organically in search results. We also manage traditional advertising: radio, television and print.

Call us today at 503-376-7141 to learn more about what search advertising can do for you.

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