How to Advertise Successfully During Covid-19

Fish where the fish are! And the fish are swimming in the digital pool. Our programmatic ad partner found some impressive statistics confirming what we already suspected – online content is being consumed in unprecedented numbers, leading to huge opportunities to advertise your business with digital display and OTT video:

Video Streaming to TVs Soared 85% in U.S. in First Three Weeks of March (Nielsen)

Issues surrounding COVID-19 could lead to a 60% increase in the amount of video content watched in the U.S. (Nielsen)

COVID-19 could boost global Streaming Video On-Demand subscriptions by 5% (Strategy Analytics)

In terms of OTT/CTV usage and attributing conversions, 88% of the U.S. population is already using a computer or mobile device to browse online while watching either digital video or traditional TV (Nielsen)

Over 35% of advertisers are adjusting their in-market tactics, and increasing OTT/CTV device targeting (IAB)

Addressable TV and OTT/CTV ad spend will see a 44% increase in 2020 (Winterberry Group)

Daily video watching time increased to 100 minutes per day prior to the COVID-19 outbreak (Zenith)

With sophisticated targeting, you can reach individual households, neighborhoods or cities to ensure you only pay to reach customers who matter to you. If you need a cost-effective way to share your business with your next customer, fill out the form below so we can tell you all the ways we can help you drive digital traffic and convert sales with programmatic digital display ads and OTT video ads!

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