Weathering the Covid-19 Storm

Business owners around the world are wondering how to communicate during the uncertainty of Covid-19. At Royle Media, we like to focus our client’s messaging around four questions:

  • How is your business affected?
  • How do your changes affect your customers?
  • How will you improve your customers’ lives?
  • What do you know, and what don’t you know?

These questions help you identify the ways you have pivoted your business, what your customers need to know about how these pivots affect them, why you’ve made these changes, and the way you envision your business moving forward. Maybe you’ve moved all appointments to video conferences, and set up online payments, to continue serving your customers while letting them stay safe at home. Telling your existing customers about your new practices via your e-mail marketing list, social media channels, and website is the quickest way to spread the word to your current audience, but if you need to draw more business, digital display and OTT (over-the-top) video ads are an easy, cost-effective way to share your offers with new customers. We can target them by geography, recent search patterns, or certain behavior.

The final question lets you use personality and humanity to share your outlook with your customers, being as transparent as you feel comfortable with. If you’re not sure how certain services you offer will be impacted in the long-run, it can be helpful to share the considerations you’re making today, what options you’re weighing, and when you expect to make a decision. If you don’t have all the answers today (and who does?), you can at least share what’s going on at your business and acknowledge the decisions you have ahead of you.

Need to pivot your services and spread the good news of how you’re stepping up during this difficult time? Video streaming has increased by 12% in the first week since quarantines were implemented, and web traffic has grown by 20% (Source: Fill out the form below so we can reach exactly who you want to talk to with cost-effective programmatic digital display ads!

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