One of Royle Media’s biggest strengths is our extensive industry network and ability to effectively collaborate with other advertising agencies.

Relationships and Collaborations

Royle Media is a known subcontractor, working collaboratively with partner agencies and their clients and some of our work is white-labeled and incorporated into larger advertising projects. These relationships allow us to always deliver the best possible work to our clients. Two-thirds of our business are referrals from other advertising agencies.

Trooper LLC

Royle Media is a subcontractor for the primary advertising and marketing agency of the Oregon State Fair, Trooper LLC. We handle all digital initiatives for Trooper while three other partner companies manage the traditional media buying (Run Spot Run), public relations (Gratia) and television commercial production (Mark Bowen). Our five companies work together under the direction of Trooper and have contributed to three years of strong, consistent growth for the Oregon State Fair. Visit:

Run Spot Run

Royle Media and Run Spot Run Media have a long-established relationship that has spanned many clients. While Royle Media handles the digital media marketing and advertising work, Run Spot Run expertly handles the traditional media buying. One of the prime examples of this collaboration is our work together on the Oregon State Fair. Visit:

Portland Media Partners

Michael Lansing of Portland Media Partners and Royle have a long professional relationship that began when they worked together at Portland Entercom Radio. In 2017, Michael left his sales career at Entercom to start Portland Media Partners and partnered with Royle Media to bring an exceptional mix of traditional and digital media to his clients. Visit:


3/Thirds is a digital agency based out of Portland that works with many public utilities and other large and small-scale companies. At Royle Media we assist 3/Thirds with digital media buying and reporting services for clients such as Hawaiian Electric Company. Visit:

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